Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Motivation

This website is a totally selfish act.

The idea came to me when it was my turn to choose a book club book. I only have a once-a-year shot at picking a winner, so the pressure is always really on. In my opinion, there is only one thing to do in this situation: call my mother, my sisters or a friend in another book club and ask, “What are you reading?”

This annual odyssey of choosing a book club book got me dreaming about a place on the web where book clubs from all over the United States (and who knows, maybe all over the world) could come together and swap reading lists. Not only would I be providing a service, I could build a really great reading list for myself!

The result is, an online community where members of book clubs unite to exchange lists, make recommendations about their favorite books and honestly spout off about those not-so-great reads. In addition, the site provides a central place for book clubs to check out great book-related links on the web.

Finally, my most important goal is to make a lighthearted and fun destination for users. After all, reading is supposed to be enjoyable. What other hobby provides us all with an excuse to sit in a comfortable chair, take a break from the frenzy and lose ourselves in a good story?

So let’s not take ourselves too seriously. The truth is that few of us are literary experts. All we want to do is read and discuss great books!