Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reading Communities

November 5th officially signals the end of the election season. We have a new President elect and fewer political yard signs dotting the landscape. But what will we do with ourselves? What in the world do have to talk about?

Hey, I have an idea. Let's talk about book club books!

The new crop of November book club selections is trickling in from various corners of the country. We've had the good fortune of ending up on a library list serv and a small group of savvy librarians have forwarded their choices. One of the more interesting submissions comes from The West Regional Book Discussion of Luling, Louisiana. The City of Refuge, by Tom Piazza is a novel about two families' experiences -- one black, one white -- during Hurricane Katrina. This book is the selection for the "One Book, One New Orleans" reading program, an initiative that encourages adult readers in the greater New Orleans metro area to read and discuss a common book.

Community reading programs are all the rage. They are a great way to bring citizens together for shared reading and book discussion events. What has your community read? Share the titles and let's build a list. There are bound to be some great ideas for book clubs lurking out there.


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lawrencegal said...

Here in Lawrence, Kansas we have a "Read Across Lawrence" community book program through our public library. This fall, the book was "Kansas Curiosities" by Pam Grout. It provides information on all the quirky places and traditions in Kansas. While it's not a serious book club book, it is such fun to read! Who knows, maybe it would inspire a book club road trip!